Компания Гефест: стандарты комфорта

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  • You want to see their homes beautiful, well-maintained and healthy?
  • You need high quality and stylish windows and doors, reliable air conditioning equipment, topical finishes?

The company "Hephaestus" offers a solution to these problems - fast, convenient and profitable. Our company is doing its best to satisfy the customers only the result but also the process of cooperation fun. We work according to the laws of comfort!

A comfortable choice: choose only worthy!

For comfort and healthy microclimate in your houses and apartments, the company offers products, proven customer demand and time.

In the section "Products" are manufacturers, specifications and design

You can get acquainted with the model series and colors

Here you can see how will look stretched  ceilings  and liquid  3D-floors , pick a color and design.

Comfortable prices: buy profitable!

Hephaestus company constantly seeks and finds opportunities to pursue democratic pricing. The cost of production for many years held at the average. But to maintain the loyalty of its customers, creating additional conditions ...

Comfortable conditions: Save!

The company offers its customers to monitor developments on the site, so as not to miss

  • seasonal sales
  • holiday promotions and discounts,
  • prize drawings,
  • Ads about bonuses.

Do not miss the moment when you can significantly  save !

You can avail the loan and installment payments.

Comfortable service: use it!

The company "Hephaestus" focuses on European standards of service, so we offer our customers

  • free travel specialist for measurement;
  • fast delivery and the optimal timing of installation of windows, doors, air conditioners, roller blinds and shutters;
  • full service and the necessary repairs using modern equipment.

Comfortable operation: the warranty!

All the products offered on the company provides warranty cards and implicitly carries out its warranty.

The company "Hephaestus" - a company with a solid reputation. Faithful performance of its obligations to customers - our competitive advantage, allowing us to take their rightful place in the market.

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